We at Mercer Gasket & Shim focus on our relationships with our customers. You are unique; your needs are specific. We work to create customized products that work to benefit your application. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, expertise in the field, and adaptability. As a result, we are in the perfect position to offer you guidance on the types of gaskets that exist.

We understand that there are countless details to remember about gaskets. Because it can sometimes be intimidating or exhausting, we’ve created a Quick Facts PDF for your reference and use.

Our Kammprofile Gaskets Quick Facts PDF can refresh your memory on some of the fundamental points of these critical gaskets:

  • Definitions
  • Types
  • Benefits
  • Standard Metals (Maximum Temperatures)
  • Facing Material

Our aim is to lighten your load and make your project more manageable.

You can download the PDF by clicking here or on the button below, and if you have any questions about our custom gasket and shim manufacturing services, contact us today.

Download Kammprofile Gasket Quick Facts PDF